As The Future Begins To Knock On My Door…

As an invisible observer to the move into the 21st century, I find myself in the inevitable position of moving from behind the scenes observer with a lot of opinions and ideas, to a bearer of “seeds to plant” with a “what if” bent on thoughts geared towards presenting a wider view of possibilities.

Our journey together begins as most do, unsure and wondering if the effort is worth the time and consternation one experiences as we go forward. I can only say that I feel it is worth all that we encounter as any change agent for the future would attest.

As we move forward, together, on this July 4th, 2019, the day I launch my blog, our new independence day will be bringing us ever closer to the ideas surrounding the “what if’s” of our moving into space and all the possibilities associated with it. Galactic Space, Intergalactic Space, AI, ET and any other growth idea one can imagine.

So, as I begin to turn on my thinking cap, get ready for a journey that will take us far, far, away…maybe to another galaxy, maybe right here at home. Which ever direction we find ourselves in, go with the flow and let your personal discernment be your guide.

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