…Science-Fiction was to become our Reality?

If Science Fiction were to become our reality, how would it look?  Simply put, it would look like a TV Series, the creation of Space Forces and the signing of an agreement between nations, planets and the solar system all rolled together using a stealthy timetable. Could this be happening in our now reality?  In my opinion, it has already been launched into the public consciousness.  Some may call it the ‘drip, drip, drip of information’.

Take for example the popular TV series “The Expanse”.   Based on a series of novels[i], their writings span the timetable 2011-2017, 2019, 2021 and the last installment is scheduled for 2022.[ii]  Initially, the series aired on the Syfy network until it was cancelled after three seasons.  At that point, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos came to the rescue and began streaming the next three seasons, the final season schedule for 2022.   With The Expanse TV series finalized, Amazon can “reimagine” what space commercialization will be.

Then in 2021, the billionaire made a bid to purchase MGM for its intellectual properties of which the Stargate Franchise was specifically mentioned and of which he is excited about reimagining.  In an article written by https://www.gateworld.net/author/darren/  on May 26, 2021, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos stated:

“The acquisition thesis here is really very simple. MGM has a vast, deep catalog of much beloved intellectual property. And with the talent at Amazon and the talent at MGM Studio, we can reimagine and develop that IP for the 21st century. It will be a lot of fun work and people who love stories will be the big beneficiaries.”

What if the Stargate franchise is mentioned because the military already have a place and contact in space, hidden in plain sight with other nations?  We know it today as “Space Force”.[iii]  And by singling out the Stargate franchise, one of the most popular TV series during the 1997–2007-time frame[iv], they effectively resubmitted another primer to what was coming…a sort of soft disclosure.  And what if to “reimagine and develop” is another way to say ‘we are ready to meet and greet in space’ under our terms. How are these ‘terms’ in plain sight?  Through the Artemis Accords.[v] A set of Principles for a Safe, Peaceful and Prosperous Future.

So, to recap, The Expanse, a TV series about our commercial future experiences in space, is aired on the Syfy Network for three seasons (2016-2018)[vi].  It is then picked up by Amazon for another three seasons (2019-2021.  Before the last season is aired, Jeff Bezos offers to purchase MGM for its intellectual property (ip), specifically mentioning the Stargate Franchise (2021).  And then Bezos’ Blue Origin Space sends up a manned capsule (2021) preceding his official launch of a Tourist in Space, a Commercial enterprise.  To date, Tourist in Space ‘has already sold nearly 100 million worth of tickets for future trips to space’.[vii]   Keep in mind, while all this activity is occurring, we have the creation of the US Space Force (December 19, 2019) and signing of The Artemis Accords (October 13,2020). The latter two of which sees their missions to create safety zones (Artemis Accords) and to protect those in space are stated (Space Force).

In conclusion, these are my collective thoughts on the “What would happen if Science-Fiction becomes our Reality?”.  We do not have the best track record of playing nice with others.  We need to stay vigilant on the goings on around us.  So I suggest that if one is driven to do further research into these ‘what ifs’ you should do so.  Our visions of the future matter, so let us put them out into the ethers.

[i] The Expanse (novel series) – Wikipedia: As of 2020, The Expanse is made up of eight novels and eight shorter works – three short stories and five novellas

[ii] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Expanse_(novel_series)#Novels: Novels, Short Stories and Novellas Chart

[iii] What’s the Space Force: The official United States Space Force website.

[iv] Stargate SG-1 (TV Series 1997–2007) – IMDb:  Spinoff includes Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Stargate Infinity.

[v] *Artemis-Accords-signed-13Oct2020.pdf (nasa.gov): PDF of Artemis-Accords document.

[vi] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Expanse_episodes: Syfy network for three years and Amazon Prime for three years.

[vii] https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/jeff-bezos-said-blue-origin-has-sold-nearly-100-million-worth-of-tickets-for-future-tourist-trips-to-space/ar-AAMoEdt?ocid=BingNewsSearch: A commercial venture that may be co-opted by the newly penned “Artemis Accords?

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