…Time Was Rushing Us?

Space and Time seem to be a hot topic these days as we rush towards a space in time that we are not familiar with nor do we even know the who, what, when, where and why of it all!

For example, I wake up every morning just as I have woken up over the last 30 years. What is different you may ask? Yes, it is wonderful that one still wakes up, but what if you noticed a slight tip in the earth that has the sun coming up a thumbs length from where it has been coming up over the last 30 years? What has caused the so called “tip”?

Some may say it is due to the Ice Shelf melting. I could agree since I find my community one of many that are flooding with higher than normal levels of water overflowing our river banks. But I don’t.

Some may say it is due to a start of a flip of the earths magnetic poles. I could agree since I find the flight path of military jets and cargo planes flying directly over head and circling back to the local air base which is not how it was a few years ago. Some even say that the change in magnetic north is the reason runway lines have been changed over the years and have altered the flight paths of planes and jets. But I don’t.

Some may say that we are moving into a different sector of outer space which has a faster vibratory level than what we are use to that gives us a planet spinning faster than in years past. I could agree since I feel like I do not have enough time in the day to complete tasks that I use to do in an hours time. But I don”t.

So, if it is not the Ice Shelf melting, a slight flip of the earths magnetic poles, a planet spinning faster or the planet moving into a different sector of outer space, what is it?

Maybe it is us. All 6.5+ billion humans on this planet, who are made up of an electro- magnetic field. Each one, in their own unique way, beginning to vibrate faster than they have ever done before. Each increase in vibration, no matter how big or how small, by each individual human on the planet, is effecting everything around us. The Ice Shelf melting, poles flipping, planet moving or being drawn to a new position in space, all are shouting loud and clear “it is time, it is space, it is us”. Now that is something I agree with!

2 thoughts on “…Time Was Rushing Us?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. For me, now the question is what next? How are we going to shape the future? Hopefully a new era of thought and action.

    Thank you for your curiosity and insight. It added momentum to my day 🙂


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