…Fiber Optics and 144 Strands of Light…

What if…

 We use fiber optic cables on earth the same way the cosmos uses light transfers to humans on earth.

As I read my daily dose of “What If’s” to start off my month of December, I noticed a very interesting newsletter article from the PAO website Galactic Heart Newsletter.  The article was explaining frequency, vibration and healing as it relates to a “144 strand Healing System”. 


What caught my eye was the similarities of earth fiber optic technology and cosmic healing.  I am not an PHD of fiber optics by any means.  I am barely a novice of its understanding.  But what sprung to mind as I read about the 144 stands of healing was how closely aligned both earth and cosmic strands of light were to each other.  What turned on my light bulb of thought was my internet search definition of ‘what is fiber optics?’.  Here is what I found:

“We’re used to the idea of information traveling in different ways. When we speak into a landline telephone, a wire cable carries the sounds from our voice into a socket in the wall, where another cable takes it to the local telephone exchange. Cellphones work a different way: they send and receive information using invisible radio waves—a technology called wireless because it uses no cables. Fiber optics works a third way. It sends information coded in a beam of light down a glass or plastic pipe. It was originally developed for endoscopes in the 1950s to help doctors see inside the human body without having to cut it open first. In the 1960s, engineers found a way of using the same technology to transmit telephone calls at the speed of light (normally that’s 186,000 miles or 300,000 km per second in a vacuum, but slows to about two thirds this speed in a fiber-optic cable)”.


If we understand how fiber optics work to transmit data both audio and video, then why would it not be possible to do the same from space to heal?   What if our solar system is moving into a new sector of space that allows such light transfers to occur at such a distance with such intensity as a code to activate our DNA just as fiber optics sends information coded in a beam of light?

What if we learned how to develop fiber optics to transmit data from a cosmic source during our early space flights?  Both ours (military in the 50’s) and theirs (ET’s, dimensional beings…etc.…in the 40’s).

After all this thinking, I have come to wonder if maybe ET did PHONE HOME!

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One thought on “…Fiber Optics and 144 Strands of Light…

  1. Wow thats a wonderful idea! Information can be carried in light so as the solar system moves through the universe, there may be a light beam or many light beams that transmit some type of information to us. It may be happening even now!


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